360 grams
Ada Vilaró (Catalonia)


Friday 3rd September (6.30 p.m and 9.30 pm.) Auditori de la Diputació

I only have one breast and this is not a reason for my body to not be beautiful”. When life breaks you into two, the chance to pass through the suffering and to rediscover the mystery of beauty is deployed in front of you. A political beauty that fights superficiality and challenges stereotypes. It transforms me and it transforms you. A beauty that is what it is, with its difference. A truth that hugs and loves life. Your gaze counts, it is important, it adds up. And as John Berger says: “I am not naked as I am, but I am naked as you see me”. “360 grams” is a project that was born from a personal experience, intimate and fragile, and that, for the first time, Ada Vilaró dares to share.

Catalan. 60 min.

Cast and Creatives
Autorship: Ada Vilaró
Creation and direction: Maria Stoyanova, Vero Cendoya and Ada Vilaró
Cast: Ada Vilaró
Scenic space and video: Paula Bosch
Sound space: Carlos Gòmez
Light design: Sylvia Kuchinow
Photography: Eva Freixa
Intern assistant: Elaine Grayling
Executive production: Imma Romero
Complicit gazes: Constanza Brncic, Montse Castellà, Isamel de los Mozos, Larrys CCL, Anna Subirana and Marta Vergonyós.
Coproduction: Festival TNT and Festival Escena Poblenou
With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura and Ajuntament de Barcelona.
In collaboration with: Fàbrica de Creació Estruch, Fundació La Plana, Centre Cívic Can Feli
“Of what it could be a drama in which thresh the death of close people and illness, emerges the oranges of life, full of fertility […]. Magic. Spiritual. Generous.” Jordi Bordes, El Punt Avui
In 2015 it received the Medal of Honor of Barcelona for the project of the Festival de Creació Contemporània Escena Poblenou and with this same project in 2014 the Premis FAD Sebastià Gasch d’arts parateatrals.