Beautiful Stranger
Cia. La Caja Flotante (Navarra)


Thursday 2nd September (18.30 h) TEATRE METROPOL

On May the 21st of 2019, Ion Iraioz celebrated his 40th anniversary with a party/performance named “The last Tuesday before turning 40”. At this party, his father read a story to him that was written by his mother during the pregnancy, and that was hidden for forty years. “Beautiful stranger” is the celebration of a birthday to lay in a bathtub, it is the title of a song, it is the reunion with a lifelong friend and with an ex-girlfriend. In “Beautiful Stranger” there is soliloquy with everyone and dialogues with oneself. There is vaudeville and cinematography, there is magic and reality. There are impossible dreams and unpredictable results. Grief without sorrow, a fork in the belly button, there is the search of the other self that we have been, or that we could become.

Spanish. 80 min.

Cast and Creatives
Text and idea: Ion Iraizoz
Direction and dramaturgy: Gloria March, Ion Iraizoz and Juan Paños
Cast: Ion Iraizoz
Sound space: José Pablo Polo
Scenic space: Caja Negra Tam
Video creation: Ainara Pardal
External gaze: Iñigo Rodríguez-Claro
Production: La Caja Flotante
Distribution: Zeena Producciones
Poster: La dalia negra
Photos: Iker Lanz
“EWe are facing a proposal as interesting as funny, as antique as surprising, as necessary as philosophy and dramatic arts, that is, it should be interesting for everyone in the world, even though we know too well it is not always like this.” José-Miguel Vila, Diario Crítico