My name is Carola
FITT New Dramaturgies (Catalonia)


From 1st September. Any time you want
Starting location Arc d’en Toda Street

The Civil War ended a few months ago. Tarragona, like the rest of the country, is turning around, and their citizens have to adapt to the new regime, those who don’t know what they are risking. Marta and Carme have been friends since they were little and before the war, they were lovers. The grey air tumbling as plumb in the city will make them make decisions that will change their lives forever. A last letter, the vision of the cathedral and the alleys where the vice of flesh are paid, are the scenario of an impossible love story.
“My name is Carola” is a shoutout to survival and love, to think that in turbulent times there are situations and decisions difficult to understand. This is a story to not judge because who has not lived horror, hunger and death, cannot despise who has done everything to survive.

This storywalker is an audiovisual piece the scenario of which are the streets of Tarragona and in which the public becomes the main character of the story.

Available in Catalan, Spanish and English. 30 minutes.

Cast and Creatives
Dramaturgy and translation into Spanish: Maria Roig Alsina
Translation to English: Marta Isern Cazalla
With the voices of: Anna Moliner, Carol Rovira Melich and Bàrbara Roig Grifoll
Sound design and editing: Albert Rué
Image: Albert Rué
Production: FITT Noves Dramatúrgies