FITT 2021

The FITT (Tarragona International Theatre Festival) celebrates a decade enhancing the singularities that have been accompanying it from its birth: the difference, the diversity, the pluralism and the new voices. An edition that invites the public to free themselves from the stereotypes and prejudices, and to listen to those voices that have too often been silenced. Creator women’s voices that talk through art about the things that concern them. Taboo issues taking the stages for the first time. New languages that rediscover us theatre and space. International companies that make us closer to other realities and sensibilities.

From the 1st to the 4th of September, we will turn Tarragona into a theatrical workroom, with the same festive nature as always, and banking on local talent and formation.

The FITT reflects ten years of constant changes in our societies and it evidences that we need to embrace and celebrate its diversities and complexities.