Cia. Ino Kollektiv (France)


Saturday 4th September (6.30 p.m.) TEATRE TARRAGONA

7 women don’t weigh much in this world. So, we have thought: what if we gather them? INO are we, dressed in several layers of social conventions, just like the whole world. Layers that bother us and that do not allow us to be free to move. We suddenly realize that social pressure weighs more than carrying other’s people weight. Then we grab our seams and get naked. We hold each other: we carry us, we abide each other, and we make portés. Simply because it is what we want to do, together.

Show accessible for people with hearing limitations / No text. 45 min

Cast and Creatives
Idea and creation: Ino Kollektiv
Cast and creators: Alba Ramió i Güell, Chloé Lacire, Eva Luna Fraini, Lavinia Gilardoni, Noémie Olphand, Raphaëlle Rancher, Rebecca Vereijken
Artistic accompaniment: Quim Giron, Alba Sarraute, Catherine Dubois and Roser López Espinosa
Circus consultancy: Fernando Jorge Melki
Original music: Pol Jubany
Lighting: Lydie del Rabal
Production: Cie L
Coproduction: Circada (Festival de Circo contemporáneo de Sevilla)
Video: Mateo Silvan
Clothing: Christine Thomas épouse Curto
Graphic consultant: Filippo Moscatelli
“For the last years, some companies formed only by women have burst. For example, Ino Kollektiv, a contemporary show of acrobatic portés by seven feminine artists from different nationalities. Their job proves the strength of such a collective and what women are capable of if they move forward together and do what they want to do.” Marcel Barrera. Reviewer and journalist
Premis Zirkòlika de Circ de Catalunya in 2019 to the best street circus show, for the strength of its acrobatics, its suggesting collective work and for breaking gender stereotypes as well.