Mucha Muchacha
Cia. Mucha Muchacha (Madrid)


Thursday 2nd September (9.30 p.m.) TEATRE TARRAGONA

Mucha Muchacha gives voice to the artist women from the Generation of the ‘27, known as “Las Sinsombrero”. Among them, Maruja Mallo, Marga Gil, María Teresa León, Concha Méndez or Rosa Chacel. All of them collaborated in the cultural upheaval and the social modernisation of the 20s and the 30s in Spain, being silent by Francoism after the Spanish Civil War. What started as a theoretical-practical investigation, ended being the starting point of Mucha Muchaca, focused on the concepts of empowerment, determination, voice, participation, freedom and cooperation.

Spanish. 70 min.

Cast and Creatives
Artistic direction and creation: Mucha Muchacha and Celso Giménez.
Choreography: Mucha Muchacha
Cast: Ana Botía, Marta Mármol, Belén Martí Lluch, Chiara Mordeglia and Marina de Remedios
Dramaturgy: La Tristura i Mucha Muchacha
Lighting design: Cristina Bolívar i Alván Prado
Sound design: Adolfo García
Clothing design: Ana Gabarrón (Funny Swing)
Artistic consultancy: Violeta Gil
Movement consultancy: Carmen Muñoz
Technical direction: Cistina Bolívar
Technical manager: Mathieu Dartus
Video projection: Iván Mozetich
Photography: Mario Zamora