Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre (Namibia)


Friday 3rd September (5 p.m.) TEATRE MAGATZEM

This work is about her journey as a woman in love, loneliness, light, darkness, fullness, emptiness…  It is inspired by the healing that she has suffered through to become the woman that she is today and that she still unfolding into.
On this journey of the wounded self, she is unpacking; remembering, forgiving, and releasing reoccurring patterns and deceitful appearances she embodied all her life. In her darkness, she fights her demons, her own nature, trapped in her web of self- destruction. 
In the painful search of her truest expression of self, she breaks her way out of the web to emerge a butterfly metamorphosed in the nakedness of the moonlight. She dances the dance of self-love and celebrates her healing; almost there, but not yet…the journey continues.

English and catalan. 20min.

Cast and Creative Team
Director, dancer and poet: Nikhita Winkler
Music producer: Ray Mupfumirra
Singer: Mel Mwevi
Voice over: Alhazar
Light design: Albert Rué
Photography: Albert Rué

This work is sponsored by the National Arts Council of Namibia