Ritos de amor y guerra
Comando Señoras (Catalunya)


Wednesday 1st September (5.30 p.m.) Teatre Metropol (Access from Rambla Nova)

In a corner of the social imaginary, lives the Lady par excellence. The one with the secret best kept of the Christmas broth. The one who cures a cold with thyme soup. The one who takes away your turn in the supermarket, is aware of the best sales, takes care of you, cooks for you, accompanies you…. The one who shuts up or has been shut. The one who was built from an image that seldom corresponds to reality: the bad witch, the mother-in-law, the blabbermouth, the gossipy, the widow, the stepmother… The Lady is the shadow from which you know nothing… Now all those “ladies” have decided to appropriate their story and to line up. There are lots of them, they are everywhere. They have left that corner and have deployed their greatness. They are a commando. They are beasts. They are witches. And they are at war.

Catalan and Spanish. 50 min.

Cast and Creatives
Director: Alicia Reyero
Cast: Lola Armadàs, Gisela Arnao, Gemma Charines, Ana Chinchilla, Rosa Devesa, Laia Falp, Adriana Feito, Montse Folgado, Aura Foguet, Joana Herance, Maribel Martín, Ilona Muñoz, Alicia Reyero, Bàrbara Roig, Carla Ricart, Nuria Salvadó, Elena Sandell, Cristina Serrat and Nina Uyà.
“Attention with the Comando Señoras. They have built a piece out of reflections that have helped them to wash away the dust in their aprons and decided that they are an anonymous foolproof army. They attack without any piety those forms who allow patriarchal privileges. And they are right to do so. They do not perform an esthetic play (even though they do indeed), but they use it to project their manifesto, based on black humor, braveness, generosity and empowerment.” Jordi Bordes. Recomana.cat