from Wednesday 31st to Saturday 03th (8 p.m.) / Escola Pau Delclòs Playground

FITT Dinners

Al fresco dinners between the FITT shows to share impressions and enjoy the local gastronomy in charge of the Confraria de Pescadors de Tarragona. Vegetarian and vegan menu are also available (under availability and booking in advance).

Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September (Morning and evening)

Arts de carrer – GIRAFES

Two giraffes and their calf wander through the city accompanied by music that dives us into a dreamlike and wild atmosphere. Spectacular and eye-catching, they walk silently communicating with the public that approaches them and to whom they surprise. Through the naïve and curious gaze of this giraffes family, we discover a new way of seeing and living the city or whichever space it is.
Xirriquiteula Teatre is a company specialized in familiar theatre, born in Badalona in 1985. For 37 years of its career, it collects dozens of creations, awards, and more than 4.000 performances in more than 30 countries on four continents.

Friday 2nd September (10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.) / CAIXAFORUM TARRAGONA


This workshop wants to be a framework for learning, entertainment and research for everyone who still wants to face the challenge of creating their own work, paying special attention to action and movement as fundamental tools in the actor’s creation process. In this workshop we will make available to the participants a wide range of physical, choreographic, dramaturgical and improvisational resources that will contribute to developing the creative potential of each one as well as to articulate an artistic vision and their own scenic language; all this in a unique context of collaboration and meeting with other creators.

We will delve into the importance of the body and movement as a source of imagination for the actor/actress, creator and
we will learn to organize information in space and text within a framework of play, freedom and collaboration.

Recommended age: 18 years

Saturday 3rd September (10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.) / CAIXAFORUM TARRAGONA

WORKSHOP – Taller de xanques

Have you ever been curious about what it must be like to walk on stilts? They are a very characteristic and essential element in folklore and street theater throughout the world. In this workshop we will learn how to get on stilts, keep our balance and move! Taught by Eduardo Varela, renowned artist
specializing in the technique of stilts, founder of the historic Colombian street theater group Palo’Q’*Sea and a regular in the performances of Giraffes, a Xirriquiteula Theater street show that has toured all over the world. the world.

Recommended age. 5 years

Saturday 4th (9 p.m.) / Escola Pau Delclòs Playground

FITT 2022 Awards

Public Award
After the closing function and with the counting of votes cast, on Saturday 3 September the award will be presented to the winning company.