Sólo llamé para decirte que te amo
Cia. Sólo llamé para decirte que te amo (Argentina)


Friday 3rd September (6.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.)Magatzem Theatre

Patricia lives with her mother, her sister, her twin sons and one of her sons’ partner. She carries the house forward, has this weight on her shoulders. But she will receive a call that will change her life forever.

Spanish. 70 min.

Cast and Creatives
Direction and dramaturgy: Nelson Valente
Direction assistant: Germán Lozano
Cast: Mayra Homar, Roser Batalla, Julia Dorto, Lide Uranga, Guido Botto Fiora, Gonzalo Saenz and Juan Pablo Kexel.
Producció executiva: Jimena Morrone
Costume: Inés Saavedra
Photography: Leopoldo Minotti
Graphic design: Sebastián Carzino and Gabriel Beck
Music: Silvina Aspiazu and Ignacio Gómez Bustamante
“The theatrical piece is touching. Its Costumbrismo blooms around it and ends leaving a mark on the public’s bodies.” Jazmin Carbonell. La Nación