FITT New Dramaturgies (Catalonia)


From 31st August Any time you want
Starting location: Sant Pere street, 2 (Tarragona) – At the engine.

When the Carme festivities from el Serrallo are approaching, a stinky, huge, black cloud stains the sky. When it leaves, the water is empty of fish. While the fishermen and the soul of the neighbouhood are desperate, life appears to go on normally. Some pray to saints and figures, but most have forgotten about them.

Are the fables about mermaids and newts true? Which decisions can ordinary men and women make to rescue their surrounding environment? This story full of ghosts gets us into the heart of the fishing neighbourhood to place us in a present time made by uncertainties that rise in the dark night and bursts in broad daylight.

30min. Available in Catalan, Spanish and English.


Fitxa Artística
Dramaturgy and translation into Spanish: Agnès Llorens Altamís
Translation into English: Marta Isern Cazalla
Sonoric design and production: Albert Rué
Image: Albert Rué
Production: FITT Noves Dramatúrgies