Cia. Ron Lalá

Ron Lalá was born in 1996 with the idea of joining poetry and music in recital_concert format. The company looks for new stage formats creating puppet cabaret Los Titirinotas (2001) and the first version of the children’s musical pedagogical ‘Shhh! La amenaza del Rey del Silencio (2001). Siglo de oro, siglo de ahora (Folía)) (2012) obtains the 2013 Max Prize Best Private Production of Performing Arts. Ron Lalá performs a tour of Spain, Miami (USA), Nicaragua and Honduras and a season at Theaters of the Channel (Madrid) and Teatre Poliorama (Barcelona). En un lugar del Quijote (2013) and Cervantina (2016), co-produced by the National Classical Theater Company, triumphs on a national and international tour, obtains numerous prizes and achieves unanimous criticism and public success.

Cia. Projecte Ingenu

This group of acting research was born in 2013, which had detected the need to prevent the “market” from governing their artistic careers., A practical research group on theatricality, with the aim of combining professional work with personal evolution and the permanent investigation of a possible model of a contemporary actor. We started a work based on chorality and sound experimentation, working in the rehearsal room, but also in unconventional outdoor spaces. We apply this philosophy in our pieces: the scene is stripped and the actor becomes the center of the piece. This essence of humanity has no limits. Build a space of “pause” where the hurry to resolve a situation was not a valid criterion. The work organized in sessions guided by thematic axes led us to the limits of the theatricality in different areas.

Xavier Bobés

Catalan actor, manipulador and scenic creator. He is defined as self-taught. Passionate about the poetic of objects, he has been researching for more than ten years with all kinds of everyday objects. Collaborates with other creators as both an interpreter and a manipulator. Deepens in search of the symbolic / theatrical content of objects and everything the seemingly trivial. And this is done by creating, testing and teaching. Xavier Bobés has presented his productions all over Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, England, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand. Among all the shows proposed by the company, over 200 performances have been exceeded.

Ivor Martinić

He is one of the youngest representatives of a new generation of playwrights in his country. It was born in Split, Croatia, in 1984. Graduated as dramatist at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His works have been translated into many languages and he has received several awards as author. This work was premiered in the framework of the International Festival of Drama Europe + America 2014 at the hands of director Guillermo Cacace, who opined of this author: (…) “Is just 29 years old and – as far as I know- three written works. I have been able to read all three of them and I think they have an exquisite sensibility in the framework of a theatrical language that flows in an unusual way. It is a highly generous textuality towards the performers”.

Guillermo Cacace

He is considered one of the most prestigious Argentine directors with admirable personal research, which he enjoys in each of his proposals. He runs 12 years Apacheta theater in Buenos Aires. Honors for his artistic work: nominated for the Florencio Sánchez, María Guerrero and ACE and Teatre XXI awards as Best Director and Best Alternative Show (2015), winner of the Radio France Cultura and ACE Award as Best Director and Alternative Theater Show (2015) and winner of the Teatre del Mundo Award as the best director and best adaptation 2015 and recognized by the Artist of the Year Award 2015 for the School of Spectators 2015 and for the Plans on BUE Awards as Best Director 2015 for his work at The cruelty of animals.

Cia. Roberto G. Alonso

With more than 20 years of experience, is a benchmark in dance for his particular choreographic language, characterized by the fusion of dance with theatrical narrative. In 2016, he premiered two shows: La fragilitat dels verbs transitius in co-production with the Grec Festival in Barcelona and A mi no em va escriure Tennessee Williams. The diversification of his creative work since its creation in 1995 has resulted in seven adult showrooms, four street choreographies and six works directed at children and families.

Cia. La Conquesta del Pol Sud

La conquesta del Pol Sud is a theater company founded in 2010 in Barcelona by Carles F. Giua and Eugenio Szwarcer. At the beginning of the company’s life, interest was centered on contemporary dramaturgy that poses current issues (unemployment, the idea of real democracy, civil disobedience, alzheimer’s…) and that implies a challenge for research on scenic language . Between 2008 and 2011 they have an opportunity to experiment with texts that have social content and the need to find new scenic forms. This interest will lead them to look for new formats, to get closer to reality as a theatrical subject and, at the moment, to the world of documentary and non-fiction as a space of balance between emotion and debate.

Guillem Albà

He studied different techniques and theatrical styles, but in comedy and clown he had masters like: Carlo Colombaioni, Eric de Bont, Cristophe Marchand, Leo Bassi or Jango Edwards. In 2006 he founded his company, with which he has released 5 creative shows: Sketchofrenia, Flirt, Trau, Marabunta i Pluja. He has won several prizes such as the Prizes of the Audience at FiraTàrrega, the Mostra d’Igualada, the Puppets Fair of Lleida and the Mostra de Santa Eugenia. And nominees for revelation spectacle at the Max Prizes. He has been conducting theater, dance or circus shows. As well as the scenic direction of music groups such as Love of Lesbian or Txarango. And has acted for Spain, France, Romania, Portugal, Holland, Sweden, the Azores Islands or China.

Clara Peya

Pianist and composer, considered one of the most original and unique creators that have appeared in recent times in the country’s music scene. Graduated in classical piano at the ESMUC (2007), he studied Jazz and Modern Superiors at the Barcelona taller de musics. He studied for more than 12 years with Professor Leonid Sintsev with whom he continued. She has already presented seven albums, the last one: Oceanes (2017), where they have collaborated musicians like Silvia Perez Cruz, Judit Neddermann, Toni Pagès, Vic Moliner, Alessio Arena, Ferran Savall, Aleix Tobias, Adrià Plana, Dídac Fernández or Pau Figueres among others. He is co-founder of the company of theater-dance and live music Les Impuxibles and has composed music for theater and dance shows.

Cia. Rascasuelos

Rascasuelos was formed in 2009 with the purpose of bringing a new sonority and contemporary lyrics to tango. They recorded their first album, Rascasuelos, in 2010, and after performing at the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, the group embarked on their first European tour. In 2011, its members founded a parallel group: Skyscraper, a proposal of traditional tango, with classics of the genre. The second album, Tangos vivos, was released in 2013, and the orchestra returned to Europe to lead the Tarbes festival in Tango, in France, and was selected among more than 850 Argentine artists to play live at the 13th Womex Festival in Cardiff, Wales. In November 2016, the company was presented with an overwhelming success at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Cia. Atresbandes

The theater company ATRESBANDES was born from the artistic and personal encounter of Mònica Almirall, Miguel Segovia and Albert Pérez Hidalgo. In 2008 and within the academic environment of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona the three decide to start working together on their own creations. The group grows and develops interested in contemporary performing arts. Influenced by an indigestible amount of disciplines and references, the company is characterized by a single constant in its projects: to advocate for a laboratory theater where the process of creation is fundamental. Good understanding is one of the vertices of this triangle, but so are doubt and uncertainty: to put in question everything that surrounds us.

Fernando Montoya

He directs the scenic training center BAI of Bizkaia, Moon produkzioak and the first 13 years of life of the festival of new creators ACT Festival. Diplomaed in teaching in a foreign language. Post graduate in dramatization and specialist in pedagogy of expression by EDE – School of Expression of Euskadi. He has published in Artez editorial, Objective Macbeth, Sisters and Meat, theatrical shows that also puts on the tables with BAI Antzerki Ikastegia and with Moon Produkzioak among others. He works with Agerre Teatro directing Marranadas among other collaborations and coordinates different exchange programs of artists and students of dramatic art in Europe (as PAP Performing Arts Program).

Mokhallad Rasem

Mokhallad Rasem (Baghdad, 1981) trained as director and actor in Baghdad, where he also made his first productions. But the war in Iraq changed the course of his life and for the last eight years he has been living and working in Belgium. His work for theater is surprising, associative and fragmentary in the form, clear and expressive in his ideas. His is a new voice on the contemporary theater scene. He named him with Irakese Geesten (Iraqi Ghosts, Creative Theater Award aan Zee 2010, selected for the Vlaams Theaterfestival 2010) and (Facebook) (KunstenfestivaldesArts 2011). With his latest Tijdelijk show, Mokhallad joins Sofie de Smet, immersed in her doctorate in Dramaturgy and Psychology on the role of traumatic stories in the theater after a history of collective violence.

Paul O’Donnell

Paul O’Donnell is a theatre maker and producer, based in Coventry. His work aims to expose the ‘ordinary’ in a ‘spectacular’ fashion. Paul’s work to date includes an all singing all dancing harem of ‘Paul’s’ exploring our human need to feel like a ‘something’ (Nothing!), one very ‘real’ cowboy in a very ‘real’ saloon (So FarWest), and a mime artist who is trying to break free of his glassbox (One Thing On His Mime). Paul has worked with Arcola Theatre’s Over 50’s Communitygroup and Belgrade Theatre’s community and education department. He is Associate Artist at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Theatre Absolute. He also co-founded and produces Shoot Festival, a platform supporting up and coming artists in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Cia. Loftheatre

Chiara Martina, Sebastiano and Stefano they all four met during the 2014/2015 Dignità autonome di prostituzione tour and founded the company LofTheatre (Working Through theatrical borders), “crossing the scene” by creating theater spectacles near the audience, with the audience, for the audience. “The truth as a subject. The use of purpose. The interesting as an average”. In 2015 on the occasion of the “D5 project, Pantani” finding the support of artists, authors, journalists, musicians, illustrators and professionals recognized in their respective fields of competence, but above all, men and women united by the desire to return to Marco Pantani his dignity as a human being and as an athlete. The company is dedicated to the production of four plays and one web series.

Bertrand Lesca i Nasi Voutsas

Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas (France/UK) are the creators of EUROHOUSE (2016) and PALMYRA (2017). They are Associate Artists of MAYK (Bristol). They have been working together since 2015. Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas’ work breaks down complex political or social questions –Greece’s relationship with the EU; the Syrian crisis– into an accessible, immediate form. Drawing on a form of violent clowning, Bert and Nasi use humour and the dynamics of their onstage relationship to undercut and explore the darker aspects of contemporary subjects. The result is performance which questions both their own – and the audience’s – role as ‘active’ spectators in global conflicts.

Cia. Bandart

BANDART Productions is a collaboration of two Hungarian artists: Katalin Lengyel and Szabolcs Tóth-Zs. Their shows combine theater with the latest interactive technologies to create visually stunning shows. Their pieces have won 3 awards and have been invited by more than 90 international festivals in 4 continents. At this moment they have 3 shows on tour. Among other corporate events, the Council of Europe has commissioned them twice to create two gala shows for the World Forum for Democracy. Recently his show received the Golden Button in the television program Hungary’s Got Talent. They also invented a special workshop on new media and dance where participants can learn the secret of their technique.