FITT 2023

Getting older!

Who remembers that first FITT? It was June 2011, the festival was held every two years, with much less programming, we ate escalivada toast for dinner and no one would have thought we would get this far.

We get older. Not just age. We have more experience, more desire, more equipment and more ideas. But also, you, the public, have grown. Now you want more: more original, more theatrical, more unconventional. We love it and, therefore, we hope that the programming of this tenth edition will excite you as much as we do.

Also, we have had the joy of seeing how companies and artists have become great. More ambitious, more professional, more risky.


Let's keep growing together!

From 30th August to 3rd September

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11 shows + FittOrama + Storywalker FITT 70 + 3 FITT Dinners

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Includes: One show at 5p.m. + On show at 7p.m. + One show at 10p.m. + One FITT Dinner



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