Silvia Gribaudi

Graces is a project inspired by The Three Graces, sculpture created by Antonio Canova between 1812 and 1817.

The work draws from mythology. Zeus’ three daughters - Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia - radiated splendour, joy and prosperity. Three male figures take the stage in a space and time suspended between the human and the abstract: a place where male and female meet, without roles, and dance to the rhythm of nature itself.

On stage three male performers – Siro Guglielmi, Giacomo Citton and Andrea Rampazzo – together with the author Silvia Gribaudi, who likes to define herself as “author of the body” because her poetics elevates imperfection to an art form with a direct, cruel and empathetic comic style without any boundaries among dance, theatre and performing arts.


60 min. Anglès i català

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Choreography: Silvia Gribaudi

Dramaturgy: Silvia Gribaudi and Matteo Maffesanti

Performers: Silvia Gribaudi, Siro Guglielmi, Giacomo Citton and Andrea Rampazzo

Light Design: Antonio Rinaldi

Technical Director: Leonardo Benetollo

Costumes: Elena Rossi

Production: Zebra

Co-production: Santarcangelo Festival

Supported by: MiC – Italian Ministry of Culture and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura of Barcelona


Winner of Danza&Danza 2019 award ‘italian production’

Winning Project of the action CollaborAction#4 2018/2019

Selected by NID Platform 2019


“There is a mystical and sincere energy between the three dancers and Gribaudi who, like a metronome, calibrates the temperature and the internal and external times of the performance. This energy come with a liberating, saving, almost hoped-for power,and in turn generates other uncontrolled, non-standard, potentially revolutionary energies.”

Francesca Saturnino in Che Teatro che fa, La Repubblica


Servei de canguratge gratuït a càrrec de "Temps x cures" de l'Ajuntament de Tarragona (18:30h a 20:30h).

Thursday, 31 August 2023 19:00 h
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