La Romería

Rodrigo Cuevas

The new show, apart from being nourished by the songs that make up the Manual de Romería album, which will be edited in September by Sony Music, will be fueled by tale and humor, criticism and irony, intelligent denunciation and by the trademark sensuality, by rigor and by beauty, by the naturalized usage of Asturian and Spanish as vehicular languages with a staging that will break with the preceding imagery. Let’s go, then, to “La Romería”, a conducive space for celebration and communion, a place to feel free of prejudices, to feel sovereign and loving, libertine and good in the broadest sense of the word ‘good’.

A show that looks extroverted, hot, ambitious, joyful, danceable, and maybe, epic: major. See you at “La Romería”, you are all invited.

90 min. Castellà i asturià

Artsitic sheet

Rodrigo Cuevas: Voice, small and larg tambourine.

Mapi Quintana: Small and large tambourine, palmas (handclaping), vocoder, bass, voices.

Juanjo Díaz: Percusiones.

Rubén Bada: Guitars, chorus, palmas, large tambourine.

Tino Cuesta: Programming, synths, chorus, accordion.

Jorge Irazábal: Sound technician.

Arturo Rodríguez: Monitor technician.

Rubén Rayán: Lighting technician.

Mireya Delgado: Tour manager.

Sergio Llunik: Graphics

Ricardo Villoria: Artistic direction.

José Ramón Cuesta: Press and interviews.

Carlos Barral/El Cohete Internacional: Management and contratacting


Wednesday, 30 August 2023 22:00 h
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Teatre Auditori Camp de Mart

Av. Catalunya, S/N, 43003